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Committed to Helping You Grow

When I started coaching I assumed I’d work with women. After all, I’m a woman, and doing my own inner work made me keenly aware of the ways in which our society shapes and conditions us into the anxious, people pleasing, stressed perfectionists many women seem to be. 


But then I started getting calls from men. 

And what I heard changed the way I looked at men, women and the entire purpose of my work as a coach. 

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There are a shocking number of stigmas against men in relationships. Even therapists and judges, people who are trained to be impartial, too often take sides, villainizing the man. 


There are few resources specifically designed to help men navigate the emotional trauma of divorce. Where a woman will be referred to a support group or therapist, a man is often told, “Shake it off. Your ego is just bruised, you’ll get over it.”


The end result is that we have a large number of people walking around in pain. They hide it well, they may even seem “fine” to their friends and family. But inside they are drowning in grief, anger, guilt, anxiety and self doubt. 


We can’t continue to leave half of our society behind when it comes to emotional health. Men need help. And we need our men. A strong nation starts with strong communities, and strong communities start with strong relationships. And you can’t create strong relationship until you have developed your capacity for deep, intimate connection without losing your self governance and emotional ownership. 


We’re not taught how to do that in school. Those aren’t skills that are widely valued in our society. More and more resources are available to help women navigate that arena… but that’s not enough. Men need it too, and we as a society need those men. 


That’s why I’m committed to helping men recover from divorce, get healthy, get happy and move on with confidence. And yes, I do work with women also. In fact, the work I do with men has helped me become more insightful and supportive of women in their relationship challenges, because I have taken a deep dive into the psyche of the "other side". Man or woman, I can help you make sense of the problems you face in relationships, heal past wounds and grow yourself into a relationship maestro.


I’m certified as a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner by the INLP Center, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  But I’m not your typical coach or NLP practitioner. I integrate tools and approaches from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), cutting edge somatic trauma treatment and Attachment Science to help my clients access the powerful inner resources we all possess.

I will help you:

  •  Learn how to instinctually handle intense or painful emotions.

  •  Build self-trust to become calm and confident.

  •  Forgive and find closure.

  •  Learn to love deeply without losing yourself. 

  •  Master the skills you need to create healthy, honest and stable intimate relationships.

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