BEtter Beyond Divorce Process 

Step 1. Confidently Regulate Your Emotions

Step 2. Restore Your Faith in Yourself

Step 3. Make Peace with the Past

Step 4. Take Ownership of Your Future

Step 5. Master Communication for Connection

Step 6. Build Authentic Relationships

Better Beyond Divorce is a six month group coaching program for men who are ready to recover from divorce.


Group Coaching SessionS

Private Support Group

Step By Step Online Training Courses

3 Individual Coaching Sessions

You’ll follow the Better Beyond Divorce Process to confidently regulate your emotions, regain your confidence, make peace with the past, take ownership of your future and build authentic, meaningful relationships. 


You'll learn all the skills you need through a series of customized online courses and get direct support from me in group coaching calls four times each month. You'll also be able to give and receive support in the private community where you'll connect with other members of the program.

Abstract Lights

"Rachael has been my shining light when I was at my worst . She has helped me to understand my feelings and be able to deal with them and use them instead of letting them use me. I have gained a new view of my self worth, this was totally lost after the divorce and my ex wife dating so soon. I was in despair. No one understood where I was . I had a psychiatrist before Rachael but we got nowhere. With Rachael her style and depth of feeling was miles above my previous treatment. She has helped me to no end and I owe it all to her.

If you are in the situation where you feel the world is against you and if you feel that all is lost and your feel like your life is destroyed believe me I was there she’s the one who can help drag you out of the black hole . I  want to stress she has been a godsend for me .. together we are getting thru some of the toughest times in my life and I NOW FEEL its OK I GOT THIS. I thank God I found her on YouTube, it's been life saving."

- BBD Coaching Client -

What I do is coaching, not therapy, which means my goal is to set you up to thrive on your own, not keep you coming back for endless sessions. This program is about empowering you to intentionally create a joyful, loving and connected life.


You'll leave with the tools and skills necessary to handle difficult emotions, get (and stay) square with yourself and nurture deep, genuine relationships.

Better Beyond Divorce Coaching for Men


Group Coaching SessionS

You'll get direct coaching from me, tailored to where you're at and what you need to take the next step. You'll also have the opportunity to learn from others' experiences by watching them get coached. You may find that you actually take away more from others' coaching, because you are less emotionally engaged and able to take it in from a third party perspective. 

Private Support Group

Enjoy 24/7 access to an online community of people who are facing the same challenges, fears and experiences you are. 

You don't have to do this alone. The community is a space to share your wins and celebrate the good days. It's a place to cry, rant or scream on the bad days. It is a place to share your experiences, learn from each other and coach each other through. 

Most of all it is a place where you don't have to pretend. You don't have to censor your thoughts or your words to avoid triggering someone or making someone uncomfortable. 

Step By Step Online Training Courses

Work at your own pace through the six steps of the Better Beyond Divorce Process. Each step is broken down into simple video trainings, supported by fillable worksheets and specific exercises. 

You'll use action items and metrics to customize the course as you go, learning to coach yourself as you set goals, track your progress and hold yourself accountable by setting measurable actions and outcomes. 

3 Individual Coaching Sessions

Use private coaching sessions to work through your most intense or difficult emotions, move past internal blocks or resistance or create a personalized coaching plan around the unique circumstances of your situation and goals. 


Are you ready? 

  • To get a handle on the powerful emotions coming up around your divorce?

  • To vanquish self doubt and embrace the calm, confident self you want to be?

  • To look back at the past with a sense of peace and clarity?

  • To experience deep intimacy without losing yourself?

  • To finally understand exactly what it takes to build relationships that are both stable and passionate?