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I’m Rachael, the Founder of Better Beyond Divorce, the most strategic divorce recovery program for men.


I’m a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.

I started out working with women, but then men started asking me for coaching, so I gave it a try.


Honestly, I was shocked by my first few experiences coaching men.


As clients they were among the most sincere, dedicated and personally accountable people I had worked with…and they were also the most villainized, by their ex wives and even by their own therapists and coaches. 


I started to see how much of the culture around women’s empowerment was anything but empowering. The women ended up bitter or angry and the men came out deeply depressed, doubting their own worth as husbands, fathers and leaders.


I knew that there had to be a way to help these men see the goodness within that was so clear to me. But what they understood logically didn’t fix their deeply painful emotional experiences.


Those first male clients taught me about the incredible resilience of the human brain and the human heart. It was through my work with them that I discovered Limbic Awareness, the skill of speaking directly to the emotional brain.


When my clients started developing Limbic Awareness three incredible things began to happen:


  1. Their previously intolerable emotions became manageable

  2. They were able to forgive their own mistakes, let go of regret and resentment and find their confidence

  3. They started attracting and building deep, honest, authentic relationships

That’s how the Heartbreak to Happiness System was born. 


Thanks to them, I now have a clear, simple strategy for developing and leveraging Limbic Awareness that I can share with you. If enough of us learn this skill, we could revolutionize relationships across the board, and perhaps avoid so many unnecessary divorces.

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I can help you:

Confidently handle painful emotions like anger, grief, anxiety and fear.

Stop judging yourself for past actions and mistakes. 

Forgive, find closure and move past resentment and anger.

Look forward to the future with optimism.

Build the skills to enjoy healthy, happy, stable relationships.


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