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Better Beyond Divorce

The fastest way to get her out of your head so you can make sound legal decisions, be successful at work, show up for your kids and eventually meet a loving partner.


I’m Rachael, the Founder of Better Beyond Divorce, the most strategic divorce recovery program for men.

That's my husband, Gregg in the photo with me (and my sweet dog Bailey who is no longer with us). 


Over the last 3 years I’ve worked with several hundred separated and divorced men. I’ve seen first hand the most extreme consequences - how the shame and despair lead divorced men to take their own lives at a rate nine times higher than the national average,  and I’ve also seen how men can set themselves free, by taking back their identity, by owning their purpose and by learning to work effectively with their emotions and their nervous systems… 

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Your happiness, health and success do not need to be tied to the thoughts, actions or emotions of a woman.

Your relationships can be rich, intimate and satisfying without being codependent. I’ve had the privilege of seeing men of a vast range of ages, religions, life circumstances break free from the codependent cage our culture normalizes and enjoy life and love in a healthier way.​


I can help you:

Confidently handle painful emotions like anger, grief, anxiety and fear.

Stop judging yourself for past actions and mistakes. 

Forgive, find closure and move past resentment and anger.

Look forward to the future with optimism.

Build the skills to enjoy healthy, happy, stable relationships.

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