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It's not therapy. It's coaching.

Transform Your Relationships

There is one relationship that defines all the rest:
Your relationship with yourself.



I'm Rachael. It's my job to help you handle intense emotions, overcome self doubt, make sense of what has or is happening in your relationships and build a clear roadmap for success in future relationships. 

Working with me is a little different from working with a therapist, or even with another coach. I don't waste your time with cheery affirmations, improving communication skills or changing bad habits.

I go deep. To the root cause of your problems. I’m not scared of your emotions. And I don't cling to a single approach or technique because you are not like every other client. I'll help you discover what works for you, because above all else, I believe in you. 

You are not broken. You have good intentions. You want stability. You want love and passion. You want to be seen for who you are. You want to stop pretending and still be desired and loved. 

You deserve all of that and more. And you have what it takes to get it. All that's standing in your way is the fact that you don't have the right roadmap yet. 

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I can help you:

Confidently handle painful emotions like anger, grief, anxiety and fear.

Stop judging yourself for past actions and mistakes. 

Forgive, find closure and move past resentment and anger.

Look forward to the future with optimism.

Build the skills to enjoy healthy, happy, stable relationships.